SSentif Intelligence

A Universal Solution

All your data linked and in one place

Discover SSentif's powerful web-based data benchmarking and performance management system.

SSentif's unique system links together over 54,000 different indicators and more than ten years' worth of historical data, as well as current data, covering the National Health Service (NHS) and Local Government in England.

Within the NHS SSentif links the latest data for NHS Hospitals, Mental Health Trusts, CCGs and PCT related data.

We link the latest data for all Local Authorities including Unitary Authorities, Metropolitan Boroughs, London Boroughs, District Councils and County Councils.

If you need the latest data on any of the emergency services we link Fire & Rescue, Police Force and Ambulance data.

SSentif also links Public Health information that is now the responsibility of local councils. SSentif's universal data management, analysis and reporting solution stores all of your data in one place.

Cost effective analysis

  • Instant access to data relevant to your organisation using ONE website & ONE log in
  • Performance, finance, activity and outcomes data are linked, updated and expanded
  • Monitor your performance AGAINST any number of organisations using the widest range of fully analysable data
  • Build your own peer groups, set your own local targets, set up email alerts and share favourite reports with colleagues
  • Access analysis tools and build reports from a secure self-service portal to discover trends within your sector
  • Unlock information and present it to key stakeholders in easy-to-understand visual representations
  • SSentif adds value by automatically calculating unit cost and rates to make life easier for you