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Press Release: Oct 2012



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Research revealed today by SSentif Intelligence shows that mental illness and depression is on the rise across England, with some Primary Care Trusts (PCTs) reporting increases of more than 40% in the number of people seeking treatment in the last three years.

Data expert, SSentif, completed national, regional and local analysis of depression, dementia and mental illness prevalence rates across England, and found that nationally all areas are showing an increase, with depression rates demonstrating the sharpest increase in patient numbers.

Nationally, the number of registered patients suffering from depression has increased by 11.5 per cent, a rise of nearly half a million people in the last three years. The latest figures show that almost ten per cent of the population now suffers from depression and that the number of prescriptions written for anti depressants in same timeframe has risen by a fifth.

Regionally, the highest percentage increase in depression prevalence rates was reported by South West Essex PCT, which showed a 52.5% increase in the number of registered patients diagnosed with depression between 08/09 and 10/11. Kingston PCT reported the largest increase in the number of patients suffering from a mental illness with a rise of 44 per cent, whilst North East Lincolnshire PCT reported that the number of patients suffering from dementia has risen by more than a third.

As a county, Yorkshire & The Humber, has reported the highest percentage change in the number of registered patients suffering from depression, rising by 19.34 per cent over the last three years. London reported the highest increase in incidences of mental illness at 10.63 per cent. In the West Midlands the number of people diagnosed with dementia increased by 17.74 per cent in the same period.

Judy Aldred: "Spending by PCTs on Mental Health Services has only increased by an average of 10% in the last three years while nationally the prevalence of mental illness has increased by 14% - and we have to remember that the real numbers are likely to be much higher as many people do not seek GP support for their conditions."

"These are significant increases and analysing this information in terms of service provision as well as prevalence, only serves to underline the importance of the reliance that the country has on voluntary sector organisations to help people with mental health conditions."

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Data source: SSentif analysed data from NHS Quality Outcomes Framework from the Information Centre for Health and Social Care, examining mental illness, depression and demential rates between 2008/09 and 2010/11.

Founded in 2004 SSentif delivers online data management and analysis solutions and has already developed the widest range of fully analysable public sector data in the UK. SSentif's unique system contains approximately 25,000 different indicators and over 10 years worth of historical data covering Health, Social Care, Planning, Environment, Sport, Culture, Neighbourhoods, Welfare, Taxes, Employment, Waste, Recycling, Financial, Workforce and much more.

SSentif's unique approach to the management and analysis of vast quantities of data enables maximum benefit and fast access. SSentif Benchmarking and Performance Management solutions are used worldwide across a number of different market sectors. In the Public Sector SSentif works with a variety of organisations including Primary Care, Hospital Trusts, Mental Health Trusts and all services across Local Authorities.

Central to SSentif's business is its belief that unique and innovate analysis tools are a vital part of allowing organisations to benchmark and performance manage themselves and others.

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