SSentif Intelligence provides specialist data analysis services covering the NHS, local government and private sector organisations.

SSentif Intelligence

SSentif are breaking the boundaries when it comes to making the most of 'Big Data'. Using the vast wealth of public sector (including NHS) data we create clever new ways of storing, managing and analysing. Let us do all the work for you.

SSentif Intelligence deliver specialist data analysis services. The SSentif Digital Hub currently contains over 60,000 indicators which are updated regularly and result in over 1 million fields of data being updated each month to ensure access to the latest nationally available data.

SSentif Intelligence works with public sector organisations such as local councils, NHS, acute trusts, mental health trusts, CCGs, CSUs, and the emergency services, as well as the private sector. We help them achieve sustainable improvements in service delivery through unprecedented access and analysis of our enormous wealth of data.

SSentif Intelligence allows constant benchmarking and performance management of key areas that you are focussing on. It helps you track low and high level benefits and performance change before, during and post service transformation as well as your ongoing day to day services.

Our Services Case Studies

SSentif Intelligence deliver specialist data analysis services including SSentif Intelligence Benchmark (SIB), SSentif Performance Manager (SPM) and SSentif Patient Observatory (SPO) which together take advantage of the vast wealth of national and locally available data.